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Own a Franchise-like Home Business

People who stay at home mostly comprising of mothers can easily earn money by simply utilizing their free time. Earnings can be made by such people at the comfort of their houses. There are various job opportunities that are available for people to work online through personal devices as long as they have internet connection.

One of the organization that specializes in home business is the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. The company specializes in multi-level marketing of different products which can be sold online. The earnings are achieved both through the sales made and the people recruited as salespersons.

For a person to be recruited as a sales person they have to purchase one of the packages and then purchase a license. The lowest amount of money that a person can pay to join as basic member is two thousand dollars then additional license fee of one hundred and ninety five dollars. There are five categories of products that are offered by this company ranging from the basic membership to the VIP package.

Packages to be sold by recruits include soft copy books and articles on different topics including self-esteem an online marketing. In each package commission earned is same to the price of the product. People get one hundred percent commission on the sales they make.

With such a high offer on commission it is expected that a person can sell the products quickly and become rich very quickly. However many people still remain skeptical about joining 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. Does 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle trick people I the name of providing an opportunity?

Many issues surrounding the company and its products are controversial. First, the packages sold are common and can be found online for free. Very few people can invest their many in buying the product since they are not cost effective.

The salespersons are also not empowered on the specific steps that a new recruit can use to start making online sales from a scratch by the coach in any of the videos. Selling a product via the internet is usually very expensive for people without the skills and the knowledge. The person to benefit from the first commission is not the salesperson who sold the product but the one who invited them to join.

Most of the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle real reviews points out to this negativity of the pyramid selling. Although the company markets itself as being able to solve financial challenges to people who stay at home doing so may not be easy. It is advisable therefore that people with a desire to work online identify reputable organizations that they can work with.

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